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Individual Therapy

People seek therapy during times of anxiety and emotional pain, but also from a desire to grow and to find better ways to deal with stressful situations.


If you struggle with any of these concerns, I can help with:


  • Loneliness, difficulty with intimacy, poor self-esteem 

  • Losses due to divorce, retirement,  death of a spouse or the end of a relationship

individual therapy
  • After-effects of traumatic events such as accidents, abuse or health crisis

  • Grief, mourning

  • Caregiving responsibilities - understanding the illness and how it affects you

  • Understanding your diagnosed illness; how to prepare and care for yourself

  • Health and relationship issues that confront the LGBT community

Elder Care Coach

I am a Certified Geriatric Care Manger, but I prefer the title Elder Care Coach.  I assist by coaching you to navigate the problems of caregiving, especially as they develop and become too complex to manage alone.  


I provide a blueprint of care which incorporates:

Care Manager

We will discuss all aspects of a plan with cost containment benefits in mind. We will start with current needs allowing room in the plan for the changes that evolve.  This can avoid duplication of services as well as the disruption the unexpected can bring.

Simply put, a support group can help you adjust. It offers a safe environment to receive help and resources, hear how others manage their situations, and finally, but most importantly, a place to be open, without judgment.  

Please call or contact me for information, I am happy to consult with you.

  • Identifying needs 

  • Educating you about the illness, how it manifests and what to expect as it progresses

  • Providing referrals to help coordinate professional services, such as elder care attorneys, financial advisors, home care agencies, assisted living or long-term care facilities, accountants, Medicare advisors, physicians, and community resources 

Support Groups

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Ruth Rothbart-Mayer, LCSW, C-ASWCM


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Individual Psychotherapy & Elder Care Coaching

14 Fairway Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

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